Library Cybersecurity Policy Bundle


Save yourself weeks of time and stress with this bundle of library cybersecurity policies! Whether you are just starting out or looking to revisit your current policies this bundle will get you on the right track and get you secure fast.

Not only does this bundle come with great savings as opposed to buying the policies individually, but if you purchase this bundle you will also receive a FREE 1-hour consultation (via videoconferencing, phone, or depending on location a live session) which is alone a $200.00 value!

Avoid the headaches, long nights, and stress and make your life and your library much safer more easily with this bundle.

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Save yourself weeks of work researching, developing, and writing your library’s cybersecurity policies when you can get them here in a single bundle!

Whether you are looking to update your library’s cybersecurity baseline policies, or you are starting completely new with nothing, this is the perfect place to get 18 different policies that are recommended for a library to have. Not only are these the policies that you should have, they are also already curated by cybersecurity professionals and all you need to to is fill in the easily identifiable variables to make the policies cater specifically to your library’s unique needs.

The average cost of an attorney is $200-400.00 per hour. By saving your attorney a single hour, and odds are you will save many more, through having this work already typed out for them, you are not only saving yourself time, effort, and stress, but also most likely coming out quite ahead as a steward of the tax payer’s dollar.

This bundle contains the following policy templates:

  1. -Access Authorization and IAM Policy
  2. -Antivirus Policy
  3. -Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) NOT Allowed Policy (which is the standard for most libraries)
  4. -Change Management Policy
  5. -Data Retention Policy
  6. -Disaster Recovery Policy
  7. -Encryption and Decryption Policy
  8. -Incident Response Policy
  9. -Library Patron End User License Agreement
  10. -Library Staff Device Usage Agreement
  11. -Log Management Agreement
  12. -Network Security Baseline Policy
  13. -Operational Continuity Policy
  14. -Password Creation and Management Policy
  15. -Remote Access Policy
  16. -Security Awareness and Training Policy
  17. -System Maintenance Policy
  18. -Vulnerability Management Policy

With the price savings of buying all at once, you save over the equivalent of 4 policies FREE!

To add further value to this Bundle, we will also include a FREE 1-hour review/consultation (a $200.00 value) via video-conferencing software or phone (live consultations are limited to a small geographical area), to go over the policies with you and help cater them to your specific library’s needs. These consultations will be set-up individually after purchase.

All in this bundle is a $506.00 with a $375.00 price tag that will save you and your library stress, time, and quite possibly a bit of money, and will leave you in a much more confident and secure environment!