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By Librarians for Librarians: We understand your unique pain points of patron security, technology nervous staff, and the unique dichotomy of being a place to share knowledge while being confidential for your patrons.

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Our policy templates lay the groundwork of industry best practices with distinct customization options for your individual library needs. Get your cybersecurity policies up and running smoothly and quickly with our templates.


Staff can be the best asset you have in security or your biggest liability. Get your staff up-to-date on best practices with our training classes.


Looking to move past just policy or training? Unsure where to start or where to go next? Set up a consultation and we can help get you were you need to be efficiently and with as little friction as possible.

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Matthew Surdel

Founder of Cyber Castellan

Bringing his over 19 years experience working in Public Libraries, combined with his education and experience working in Cybersecurity Matt founded this company with the intent to help libraries secure their systems and make them more resilient to cybercrime. Understanding the inner workings and challenges of public libraries, Matt can help you level-up your staff’s security awareness, establish a core infrastructure of library policies, and ensure that the attack surface your library’s IT infrastructure presents to potential cybercriminals.

Matt's Courses:

cybercrime is on the rise

Libraries are finding themselves the victims more and more of debilitating and expensive cyber attacks.

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Attacks in a Single year
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in Losses
$ 1 +
Average cost per attack